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Friday, February 24, 2012

Royalty out--friction in...

So our life of Royalty has come to an end.  We have learned about Kings (King Arthur, King Saul, King Henry) and Queens (Ann Bolin, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Easter), the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, and the kids favorite Sir Fartsalot (really look it up).  We have learned about Castles and the myriad of  people that worked in and around the castle to keep the king happy.

We have had fun reading endless stories about kings and Camelot a knights fighting dragons and saving damsels in distress; all of which showed us the importance of obedience.  As Queen Vashti  learned, when you don't obey you can get banished from the castle and the kingdom; or in the case of other Medieval queens, get your head chopped off.

We ended our Royal lessons with a Grand Feast--at least Shelby thought it was real cool, as the table was covered with food--at least food the kids would eat.  And the king in our house was well bloated after all the merriment.

We will now turn our attention to  our military offices and learn about the different branches and how obedience plays a roll in serving our country.  Josh is very excited about going to visit some of the branches and hope to be able to talk to a soldier.

After we learn about our military we will turn our focus to friction and how that relates to obedience.  It looks to be very interesting and eye opening.  I am looking forward to some fun experiments.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scholastics--Joys of teaching

One of the reasons we chose to start Homeschooling was the surgeries Josh was having this past year.  We knew there would be many physical and emotional challenges and did not feel adding the pressures of keeping up with the district scholastic schedule would be possible or fair.  As we have progressed in this school year we have covered a LOT of topics and areas of learning.  Josh thought it was cool that he could be considered an Ornithologist--one who studies birds as my friend informed him.  

The core elements of learning--reading , writing and arithmetic--have been a challenge for him, and I have been ever more thankful that we decided to Homeschool.  As he would be in 2nd grade this year I was aware that this is the time when schools give students the State Standards Tests in Language Arts and Math.  We have the option to take it or not.  I knew he would not be ready, but I wanted to give him the test to see where he was and where we need to focus his learning.

The past week has been test week for him.  There are A LOT of questions on this test had he been "in school" I know he would have failed and the questions would have confused him and so he most likely would have just guessed.  I know that the teacher would have been reading the questions to the students, but I don't think they would have taken the time to ensure that each student really understood what the question was asking.  So once I felt he understood the question then he would choose the appropriate answer.  It was hard to refrain from asking "are you sure that is the right one?"  No worries, I did well.  I knew as he took the test he would struggle and I was sure the math would be his greatest challenge.

To my surprise and amazement he did better than I thought.  Sometimes a question would come up on something he had struggled on during regular lessons and I cringed knowing he would mark the wrong answer.  Then he would get it right and I could not help myself and had to kiss his cheek and sing with glee when he got it right.  Which of course make him real happy.  Once he noticed that he got one right and leaned hos cheek over for a kiss--can't resist.

So after a week of testing, I am pleased that he (we) is doing very well this year, in spite challenges and not covering EVERYTHING "he should have learned in school this year."  We still have 5 more months of school, and I have a greater understanding if where we need to concentrate.  But I am so excited that he is doing so well.  I just had to share.  :)