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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And the count down is on...

To say this pregnancy has been an interesting ride is a true understatement, especially since it still feels surreal at times. As we head into week 31, I am in awe of just how amazing God truly is. Not that I doubted or ever thought otherwise, just in awe of how gracious he can be.

Seeing how we missed the 1st trimester, I am truly grateful not to have gone through all the morning sickness and such. The 2nd trimester was as much a breeze and downward slope. I am thankful for God's answers to prayers and promises kept... as if GOD would ever break a promise. It is just so comforting to see him in action.

I went in for my check up this week, and was again reminded how he is watching over this pregnancy and answering prayers. At 30 weeks, blood tests are good and iron levels are very good. I was even stunned to find I had not gained any weight in the past 4 weeks. Even more surprised, that since we found out we were expecting I have only gained about 10 pounds in the last 17 weeks. Baby is doing well and I am now starting to feel the full affects of being "just pregnant."

I have a large beach ball on my belly that wiggles and jiggles inside me constantly reminding me that there is a little one in there. Aside from frequent trips to the bathroom and the ever growing challenge to get into bed let alone find a comfortable position, I feel fine. I know I have officially come into my 3rd trimester as I have the wonderful fat feet to prove it.

Some of these things, which for most pregnant woman are everyday complaints, are great joys for me. These were things that totally evaded me in the first 2 pregnancies, due to all the other "stuff" I was going through.  So to me it seems strange to be aware of these little experiences, I am thankful.

Today I was reading about doing "kick counts," a way to see that baby to active and healthy. After eating or moving around a lot, you sit and wait for baby to start moving around, then you count the kicks, jabs or flutters you feel. You count watching the clock to see how long it takes to get to 10 kicks. It took this little guy about 10-12 minutes to get to 10 kicks. As I am writing this, he has been moving, and now he has moved about 10 times in a minute. Yeah, I would say he is quite healthy.

I am learning (more so in the last few weeks) that I am not what or who I used to be. I am learning to be more humble in my weaknesses and more reliable on other people... not easy for me. I realize I am not as young as I used to be and can not do all the things I used to. Often I think, "Oh no problem; I can do that." Only to find that was not such a good idea. So I am depending more on my kids to help with little things around the house. This is good practice for them for when baby comes.

7-8 weeks to go and I am feeling fine... well feeling very large and off balance, but good none the less. So hard to believe this prego journey is almost over and being a mom of 3 kids is about to start.

The countdown to meeting baby C. is on.  Josh has been very in tune with just how much longer we have. So here we go...