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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reflections 2013

I was looking back over the past year. "Wow" is an understatement that seems almost overwhelming. Today our "baby" turns 7 months old and it is amazing all the changes that have been happening with our son, but more so with our family.  Truly is remarkable how such a small bundle can affect the world so much.  So here's to looking back.

A year ago: We were a family of 4.
When we sat down for a meal, dinner was served and eaten HOT.
We were sleeping through the night.
Although occasional at best, we had date nights.
Vacation planning (which usually did not get past planning) aside from budget, consisted of  "were the kids tall enough for rides, if there were any?"

AND THEN, we found out we were expecting, almost exactly a year ago today.  We prayed, we planned, we waited.

AND THEN, 7 months ago we were blessed with our surprise--the birth of our son Caleb.  A true blessing he has been.  After a wonderful, easy pregnancy and easy birth, he continues to be our joy.
So long as he is fed, dry and well rested: he smiles all the time,  (Imagine if all the people in the world were fed, dry and well rested...maybe the beginning of world peace?) 

Within the past week he has starting scooting, then crawling and now he tries to pull himself up to stand.  He is growing fast and on the move.  As I write this he is lying next to me peacefully sleeping. (Technically, I should be sleeping too, but I know from recent experience that as soon as I try to sleep he will wake.) Nonetheless, as I watch him sleep I am in awe, for this joy and this gift.

How things have changed this past year.  Now: the house is not quite as in order as I would like; but kids are happy and healthy.  Meals are hot to start but after tending to family and baby my meals are cold; but we are all fed.  Sleep is more of a sprint than a marathon.  I look forward to the marathon sleeping again...3 more years.  Date night? "What is that," we ask.

In 2 months my husband and I will celebrate 10 of marriage.  What a journey this has been.  So now I look forward to all that God has for us with excitement and at times trepidation that I have no clue what I am doing.  Good thing I  have a good guide.

(on a funny note, after I posted picture, hubby informed me that the kids lion did a photo bomb in the picture.  Great now the stuffed animals are getting in on the action.)