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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Turning by Davis Bunn

The Turning
ISBN (Trade Paperback): 978-0802411686

304 pages
April 1, 2014 from River North, a division of Moody Publishers

The message was unexpected but instantly recognizable. 

A voice resonated from a distance and somehow from within.  Against all earthly logic, it carried a divine command.  And five very different people knew they were summoned to obey.

Their actions were demanding, but not particularly grand.  Only later would they see a pattern emerge - one that links their tasks together and comes to challenge the cultural direction of the nation.  They realize that one small personal response unveiled a new realm of moral responsibility.  And this affirmation of everyday hope captures the attention of millions.

Have you ever thought you heard God’s voice, but then decided it was just your imagination? Or maybe you thought you heard but were afraid to act? Maybe you thought you heard and felt compelled to respond. Davis Bunn has captured this felling and experience thru 5 individuals that come to together through no power of their own to stand up against something beyond them. How will they respond? 

Davis has me in every chapter. I fell I can relate to so many of the characters in some way. I really like the follow up materials that can help readers learn more about what taking the turning can mean.  Will you take the turning?  I received a complimentary copy of The Turning from River North Fiction in exchange for my honest review.

Video trailer for THE TURNING, by best-selling author, Davis Bunn.
Davis Bunn talks about his upcoming novel, THE TURNING.

Read Chapters 1-3 of The Turning for free
Read chapters 1-3 of “The Turning” by Davis Bunn for free: http://statictab.com/fvrrsxz (Like his Facebook page to start reading.)

It gets even better!  Visit Davis Bunn's Facebook page next week. He'll be giving away copies of The Turning and will be kicking off a sweepstakes. You could win an Apple iPad Air or a Ryrie Study Bible, Moody Bible Commentary, and $100 Gift Card for ShopMoodyPublishers.com! 

One of my favorite authors! Check him out for a good read. He has SO many!