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Monday, August 8, 2011

New Room Design


So in preparation for school starting and giving our son a little freedom or the feeling of being more grown-up,  we have been rearranging the living room and the "computer room" so as to make the "computer room" into our son's room. Due to space (and maybe a little selfishness on our part) Our son and daughter have shared a room for the last 4 years.  Neither have complained or said anything.  However, our son has been wanting some alone time and we feel it is time for him to have his own space.  Our daughter on the other hand is not so happy with the idea, but she will get used to it.

In any case, I have managed today to not only wear myself out but also my husband as we have moved furniture, some pieces several times in order to find something that look good and felt comfortable.  My husband has decided that it is not safe to allow me next to a tape measure as I tend to measure everything as I am plotting where to put things.  Not that he minds the measuring, he was just surprised that a "little" moving grew to much moving in the process.  (Tee hee...)

We have found that we are indeed "creatures of habit" as we much prefer things the way they were.  Not to mention everything had a nice little spot and now there is "stuff" everywhere as we try to find new homes for everything.  As well, our daughter came to us after we were done and informed us that "we have to put everything back where it goes."

Tomorrow bodes a bit more rearranging as we get their rooms in order.  So here is to a good nights rest and hopes of waking with strong arms and no aches or pains.

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