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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crime & Punishment

Last week we finished our last chapter--Crime & Punishment in our Obedience unit.  Boy was that a fast 11 weeks and Ooooh the obedience issues we had.  However, I have learned as we focus on a quality trait it is that trait that seems to fight the most.  So, this has also been a more significant unit in prayer for my husband and I.

I especially liked the last chapter as it ties in neatly with the passion week and Passover.  We are blessed that both our children have accepted Jesus in their hearts and they know what it means.  So as we were taking about crime, punishment and obedience we spoke of Jesus and the other men who hung beside him.  We watched several different versions of Christ's death and I was touched after watching one, which focused on his life and death, and ended with him on the cross and the credits rolled.  Immediately, Joshua became very upset, "Mom! That's not right! They did not finish the movie.  It's not supposed to end there!"  So I asked him what was missing.  "Mom, they have to bury him and then he comes alive again!"  Needless to say I was proud.

So this weak we are taking a break.  Monday, an hour after breakfast, Josh comes to me and says, "mom when are we going to start school?"  Wow, was that a surprise.  They are okay with it now and I can spend time getting ready for our next unit on Trust.  I don't have to say that it should be interesting.....

We will look at deception and magic to discuss who can be trusted.  We will learn about sheep and Shepherds.   (I have a couple of very enthralled Zoologists with all the animals we have studied.)  We will revisit Airplanes and Ships.

I trust you will stay tuned for the next post....

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