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Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Hiatus

Wow!  It has been awhile.  And every time I think "oh I need to write something!" I get interrupted and then forget and then days go by and it starts again.  We finished our last week of school June 8th.  Kids did well this year and we are more than thankful that we chose this path this year.  We have spent the last few weeks running errands or playing games or vegging together catching up on our new favorite movies.

A few weeks ago we sat down for a pizza dinner and the kids wanted to watch a movie.  We (mom and dad) did NOT want to see Star Wars, Cinderella or any other flick they have watched 100 times before. Kinda burned out on those.  So we thought they might enjoy something they had not seen before.  We put on Star Gate SG-1.  WOW never thought they would enjoy it so much! And thus for the next days and weeks to follow they happily did not want to watch cartoon or play video games.  No they wanted to see the  next episode of SG-1 or play in their rooms.  I obliged them quite nicely.  We have the 1st season and I found Season 2 & 3 at the Library.

It has been fun to see them really get into the stories. And what I have more fun is they are actually learning and not knowing it.  If you are not familiar with the series it takes a team of 4 people (military and scientists) thru a gate to other planets to make allies and search for ways of protecting themselves from a common enemy.  The main theme being that aliens many years ago took humans from earth to other planets.  And they find countless similarities to civilizations here on earth (go figure).  So as we watch the story the kids have learned about ancient Egypt and Greece and many other cultures.  Needless to say, we pause A LOT to explain things that are happening and talk about history and how it affects us.  Fun in my book.

They are currently taking an art class on Creation at our church and are having fun with that.  I am getting ready for the next school year and again becoming excited with the tings we will talk about.

Blessings to you and have a wonderful rest of the summer!

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