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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ready to pop!

After 3 pregnancies this is the only pregnancy that we have been able to take prego pics.  It has been fun to just be pregnant.  With the first two we started with good intentions to take lots of pictures, but then so much happened during the pregnancies that taking pictures was over shadowed by just getting thru them.  

This picture was taken at 33 weeks--at times we still find it hard to believe all that has transpired over the past 8 months, especially when the first 3 months eluded us.

Week 34 was met with a minor bump in the road.  I got out of my chair one evening and was greeted with a sharp pain in my left side.  Suddenly reeled with reminiscent pains of the past I hoped the pain would go away.  After 30 minutes it did not, but instead was joined by feelings of nausea.  So to the ER we went.  After meds for the nausea and pain I was admitted for observation.  Morning ultra sound on my kidneys revealed what I hoped was my imagination.  Kidney stones.

However, because I am familiar with the symptoms and with the help of fluids and lots of prayer, I think I was able to pass the stones without more pain.  Now I concentrate more on keeping the fluids going--as if I was not already drinking like a fish.  And I am drinking juices to help keep the deposits moving.  

Now as I start week 35 I feel fine but VERY big and ready to pop.  Jody feels baby will be here this week if not before the end of the year.  Doctor still says January 17th.  I think baby will be early but not sure when.  I am bigger now than when I gave birth to #2.  Honestly, I don't have much more room.

Baby is very active.  He is head down, and I noticed he has dropped some.  I have started stress tests which monitor baby's movements and heart rate.  These will continue till he comes.  All this because of my "mature age."  I would be happy if baby came in the next few days.  I am ready to have my body back and able to breathe and eat without discomfort.

Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the last few weeks and transitions after baby comes.  Also that when baby comes my OB will be able available to do the C-section and not the on-call Doctor.

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