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Monday, February 29, 2016

Time Warp

The last 2 years have been full. I have thought often of posting but when I had a moment to sit, all I wanted to do was sit, which would often lead to sleeping or vegging.  I got on today to see if I could update a post.  I was honestly relieved to see that other blogs I follow were also several months or more since their last post.

Our baby turned 3 last month.   He has grown so much.  He is my cuddle bug and my constant shadow.  Although, in the last 3 weeks he has been testing the waters of his independence and begun to shine on his own.  He is quite the ham, and he knows how to manipulate to get what he wants, or at least look cute while trying.

I spent the last two years teaching again. 2014 - 2015 was spent mostly in the elementary schools, and fall of 2015 was spent in the High school.  I have learned a lot by my time in the schools.  I am thankful to be back at home teaching my children, as my husband started a new job in January. I am so excited for him. On top of the new job, he finishes his Associate of Science degree in March 2016.

My other 2 children are doing well, despite reluctance to do school.  Middle school has been fun for Josh and Shelby is plugging along in elementary. Caleb loves to join in and get messy whenever possible.

Now that things have settled down slightly, I hope to keep up if at least more frequently with posts.

Till next time....