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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ice cream shakes

So my son has been talking about needing and wanting a shake.  Not a major unless there is no ice cream in the freezer or pennys in your pocket.  So the answer has been, "sorry honey, not today."   Sadly something he has been getting used to.  Then two blessings in disguise happened.  Yesterday, as I was leaving our church's lunch program, one of the ladies gave me a halk gallon of cream.  I find it hard to get cream and whne I find it, it is to much for too little.  So I was trying to figure out what I could do with it before it goes bad.  And then I thought "Amen, I can make Ice cream."  We got  a Ice cream maker last year and it has been sitting on the shelf the last few months.  So I am able to make our familly homemade ice cream.  Then I had ordered a food box from a local food help program and brought it home today.  As I opened the box there were some small containers to make a shake "just add milk".  I was able to fix his lunch and give him a shake with it.  He was excited.

I am reminded once again that God provides..even for the little things.

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