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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treasure amongst the weeds

So the weeds have been growing crazy due to an abundance of rain.  Rain good; weeds bad.  So today after dropping my son to school my daughter and I proceeded to tackle the weeds in hopes of preparing soil for planting veggies.  The outrageous prices for veggies has once again triggered my thoughts to try planting again. 

I have found it rather difficult in this desert "oasis".  (Mind you and oasis is only pleasant to those in need of such a place.  I do not find this desert much of an oasis.  Just a very hot place to live.)  :)  I have tried in the past to plant strawberries and squash and other edible yummies but have not had success.  5 Yrs ago in early spring I tried Tomatoes and they died (or so I thought) in the desert heat.  I was pleasantly surprised to find in the fall that they came back only the birds, and squirrels beat me to the treasures.  Last fall I tried Edamame beans and Spaghetti Squash.  After many weeks of watering and nurturing I got nothing.

So I was pleasantly surprised as I was toiling in the weeds; being the BMW my husband so fondly calls me.  (BMW = Burly Mountain Woman  Yeah a mountain woman in the desert...)  Anyway, as I was weeding, I come across this yellow object that at first I thought was a ball.  Low and behold it was a tiny Spaghetti Squash.  It was no longer attached to the stem, but looks in good condition.  We shall see when I open it up.  It was the only one...  Then as I got to the area where I planted the beans and seeing many daisies and weeds I find there are actually some strong bean stems.  So I am hopeful again that maybe something will grow.  It seems when I am tending my crops they don't do well.  When I ignore them they grow....

There seems to be some biblical connections here.  still pondering.  However, I do see that even in all the craziness of life therecan be good that comes out of it.  You just have to dig in and pull the weeds to find the treasures.


  1. SO very true Renia! Praying you get an over abundance of crops this year! :)

  2. Thanks Jen. I am encouraged as the Edamame beans are still there and now the flowers we planted ar beginingto sprout.