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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waves of emotion

With struggles our son experienced this past year in school and upcoming challenges he will face with higher grade level and surgery, we have decided to home-school our children this coming school year.  Initially, my thoughts leaned on if I could really do it.  Academically I know I can; I am a teacher after all.  Emotionally and morally I knew it was the best decision.  None-the-less, fear has a way of creeping in.

However, I choose NOT to live in fear and therefore, determined to find curriculum that would work well for both children while maintaining my sanity.  SUCCESS!  I found much and narrowed it down and found what we feel will be a perfect match for the kids and myself.

Today I noted an almost happy, anxious overly joyous feeling about starting school.  I felt "I can't wait and want to start right away"  A strange feeling for me.  As I pondered those feelings I realized that I was indeed ready for this new endeavor.  Not that I have it all figured out; or that it will be all "peaches and cream."  I foresee challenges along the way.  This is new for us; but at the same time there is the feeling of satisfaction that indeed this is the best for us right now.  In the past there was always the teeter-tater effect as to weather we should try home-schooling.  This time that feeling is not present.  So we plunge forward and prepare for the new adventures this coming school year will bring.  CARPE DIEM!!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about it and glad you have made the decision for this year. Will pray that ALL of you will learn and grow through this experience!!