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Monday, December 26, 2011

Year End Blessings.

For us as for many around the country, 2011 has been a challenging year; be it financial, health, job or all the above.  In spite of these challenges, we choose to focus on the good things that we have received and experienced.  This Christmas as the children daily told us all they wanted we shared with them the real meaning for this season.  And although they may not have gotten everything they wanted, they were not lacking in the gift department; thanks to Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.  And to our mild surprise and joy they were not all that disappointed either.

We enjoyed great time with family, followed by a relaxing somewhat quiet Christmas morning and a blessing of an new addition with our niece now 6 weeks old.  Our kids were quite taken with her, especially our son who wanted nothing more than to sit and hold her.  Both kids mentioned that they would like another sibling, which is really up to the Lord.  :)  And Grandma was blessed with all family portraits.

We are thankful that my husband was able to return back to work, for now half-time and working toward full time again.  But he is back in the swing of things and re acquainting himself with his surrounding as work.

The kids have one more week of vacation before school starts again; giving me one week to prepare for all the new things we will learn this next quarter.  They will be learning about birds to finish off our Attentiveness Unit.  Then we begin our unit on Obedience; where we will study about Castles, Kings, Knights and more.  Looks to be exciting, at least I am interested.

So here is to the New Year and all it will hold for us.  Blessing to you as you too begin this New Year, may you also choose to see the good and not give great thought to the not so good.

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