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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bird in the hand--sort of

For the past 3 weeks the kids and I have been learning all about birds.  We set out a humming-bird feeder which I was instantly rewarded by a hummer buzzing up close so fast it about knocked me off the chair I was standing on.

As well we have been graced by a covey of quail--about 20 or so in all, a dozen or so finches and several sparrows; all of which daily come looking for the bird seed we lay out on porch.  There are a few quail who are daring enough to literally come pecking on the glass door if we have not laid out seed in due time.  And not to be forgotten is a little sparrow who will perch on a chair outside or the bell by the door hoping to get our attention and some equal seed.

This past weekend we had a wind storm upwards of 75 mph as well as cold dark clouds throughout the day.  At one point I looked out to ponder the strong winds only to see the little sparrow desperately trying to find food and not get blown away.  In spite of the wind several times literally blowing the bird away he hunkered down to get close to look for food.  In pity for the poor thing I took some seed out to a small pot I had, within seconds the little gut was in there feeding protected from the gusts of wind and soon accompanied by another bird.

Today, I noticed the little guy hoping around foraging.  I stepped outside and he came close and hopped back, again and again.  And I wondered...; so I got some seed in my hand, stepped out, squatted down and held VERY still waiting to see if he would come closer.  HE darted back and forth watching; came closer and closer.  An inch from my hand he nibbled some seed on the ground--watching.  Hopped closer and very quickly pecked from my hand.  And again and again.  Never got on  my hand but he did eat from my hand.  A reluctant trust out weighed by hunger.  It got me thinking; I wonder how often that is how we are with God...

A few feet away were several quail not quite are daring as the sparrow, but cooing all the same--wonder what they were saying.  Now as I look out the seed I had in my hand is gone; the birds all back in the bushes waiting again for my appearance.  To think--I have made a few friends--nothing to brag about and they won't stick around long, but their necessity is my pleasure.  So glad it is not that way with GOD.

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  1. thanks for the reminder - He IS there all the time!!