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Friday, February 24, 2012

Royalty out--friction in...

So our life of Royalty has come to an end.  We have learned about Kings (King Arthur, King Saul, King Henry) and Queens (Ann Bolin, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Easter), the Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot, and the kids favorite Sir Fartsalot (really look it up).  We have learned about Castles and the myriad of  people that worked in and around the castle to keep the king happy.

We have had fun reading endless stories about kings and Camelot a knights fighting dragons and saving damsels in distress; all of which showed us the importance of obedience.  As Queen Vashti  learned, when you don't obey you can get banished from the castle and the kingdom; or in the case of other Medieval queens, get your head chopped off.

We ended our Royal lessons with a Grand Feast--at least Shelby thought it was real cool, as the table was covered with food--at least food the kids would eat.  And the king in our house was well bloated after all the merriment.

We will now turn our attention to  our military offices and learn about the different branches and how obedience plays a roll in serving our country.  Josh is very excited about going to visit some of the branches and hope to be able to talk to a soldier.

After we learn about our military we will turn our focus to friction and how that relates to obedience.  It looks to be very interesting and eye opening.  I am looking forward to some fun experiments.

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