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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friction and then some

Although I am not surprised, I am often amazed when you focus on specific character qualities no matter how minute, that you then seem to struggle more significantly with those qualities.  So this week we studied about friction and learned about Newton's 3 Laws of motion.

Actually a lot of fun.  I think the kids had more fun with the projects and not real sure if they understood the relation of the project to the concept--then again maybe subconsciously they did get it.  The science side of friction I think they got.  They had fun seeing how fast an object dropped from one point to another when gliding down a fishing line, piece of yarn and a rope.  This is where the project was more exciting and the concept seemed lost however, I caught them later trying to re-enact to experiment.

When it comes to motion Shelby had fun with the motion concept; for when she took a bath one night she called me in to show me how she could make motion.  Moving her body back and forth she then proclaimed she was "causing motion because even when she stopped moving the water was still in motion."

Science side not too bad... spiritual side---that has proved more challenging.  When we started our experiment on friction they seemed to catch on real quick and then as the moment was right I transferred the examples to their attitudes and they were very quick to follow giving appropriate responses of understanding. And yet this week there seemed to be more than usual friction and less obedience.

However, I am somewhat hopeful about mid-week we went outside for some PE. time and I suddenly got a brilliant (so I thought) idea to play Mother-may-I?  They actually did pretty good in that they understood the rules, although they had difficulty in remembering to "Mother-may-I?"  Therefore causing them to have to go back to the beginning--let's just say it took a long time to play the game.

Today (Friday) was a rather long day even though a short school day.  Both kids were in a state of testing their limits.  Despite their attitudes near the end of the day Shelby seemed to be more polite that usual and responded like we want her to.

Funny how when a child acts the way we want in the manner we want, WE suddenly look at them with skeptical eyes as though they are up-to-something; which the may or may not be.  I have found that it is hard to believe the manner being portrayed is in fact a true manner they are showing and not a ploy to get something they want.

In any case, we move from Newton and his wonder laws of motion and all the friction to a few weeks on a favorite subject of mine--HORSES.  To bad I am not in a place or position to have a horse and be able to go deeper into the subject.  Oh how I wish we were back in Colorado now.  (Someday maybe...)

I am hoping they have some fun during the next few weeks.

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