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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thus the journey begins--again!

This October Jody and I will celebrate 9 years and marriage.  We have had some wonderful times and some hard times and always we have watched God move in amazing ways.  We have been stretched in many ways and every way possible.  Or so we thought.

One thing that has always amazed us yet never surprised us is God's sense of humor.  We have been blessed  with our 8 yr old son Josh and 5 yr old daughter Shelby.  We have met challenges with both over the years, but find comfort in knowing God has plans for them both.

Recently, Jody and I were discussing the past few years--they have flown by so fast.  We were even dreaming about a much needed get-a-way and time for ourselves.  This past year has been rather challenging with Jody having knee surgery last year in August and our son under going surgery on his legs to help lengthen his muscles and allow him to walk taller and stronger.  We began our first year homeschooling to accommodate for his surgery and  various Doctor appointments.

We were finally starting to settle into a "normal" routine and looking forward to the coming year.  Then I started noticing some changes in my body.  After some figuring we thought menopause was the next stage for me.  Then a few weeks ago I noticed some things that seemed strange.  After a couple of tests we learned that I was 13 weeks pregnant.  WOW~~~TALK ABOUT A SHOCK!  We did not see this coming.  We thought we were done. We had tried 2 and 3 years ago but as nothing happened, we felt we were to be a happy family of 4.

Today as of this writing, we had our first visit with the OB.  The OB confirm I am now 17 weeks along.  It was kinda nice to skip the 1st trimester.  I felt nothing and had no clue to even think I might be pregnant.  So we embark once again on the baby journey.  We are praying for an uneventful pregnancy.  Baby boy is due in January 2013.  So much for settling down this year.  Here we go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Congrats to you and your family! Both my babies were born in the winter too. I was glad not to have to deal with the summer heat at that stage of pregnancy! I will look forward to your updates!

  2. I'm excited for you guys! Each pregnancy and kiddo is so different. I know Laurel (my sis born when Mom was 47 - another "I thought it was menopause" baby) has been the easiest, sweetest child and a source of joy for our whole family. I'm kind of jealous you missed the whole first trimester - ha!

    1. thank you Hannah. I am thankful to have missed the 1st trimester. As today was the 1st day to see OB I was surprised at how cooperative baby was to tell all. After 2nd swipe with ultra sound Doc said he knew what we were having. My first thought was, "Wow a cooperative child. I can handle that." Of course Jody was very proud to be the source of a 2nd grandson. I have 2 sisters, from them I have 3 nieces. Shelby wanted a girl to play barbies with. But Jody and I (as well as Josh) wanted another boy. SO thankful,but would have been happy either way. I will keep you posted and thank you for all the info.