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Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 19 +/-

So as we embark on this new journey, I am happy (WOW!  There's a thought.) to say so far so good.   So far things have been well.  Minor incursion with uncooperative veins when trying to get blood work done, but after two days trying and 4 vampires and many sticks blood word is done and now waiting for results.  Beyond that I just simply feel pregnant.  How nice is this?  It's very nice.

I will say we are still adjusting to the whole concept and at times it still feels very surreal.  But the kids are excited and we have been blessed with a few baby items that makes it easier to comprehend.

On other areas of the home front, we are now in our 3rd week of school.  I was surprised and pleased as the first week went much smoother than I anticipated, so I know the kids were ready to start.  We are learning about being good stewards and how it first means we learn how to care for our bodies.

In preparing for this years lessons, I was intrigued how several of the lessons focus on our bodies and how they were made.  I had been thinking of how to tread lightly when talking about exactly how our bodies were made, being not too deep when it came to anatomy--of course that was before we found out I was pregnant.    Now with baby coming there are more questions than I never expected to cover quite yet.  So I have had to rethink again what details to go into and which ones to go lightly on.  It shall be interesting.

Here is a sampling of the questions that I have had thus far-most of which have been vaguely answered or when probed for more have all been told, "we will talk about that later in school...."

"Mom, how did the baby get in your tummy?"  "Mom, how does the yolk get into the egg?"  "How will the baby get out?"  "Will that (all things baby from daughter) happen to me?"  (To which we answer, "yes but not for a long time.  Like when you are 25."  And she replies, "oh no!  I will wait until I am 40!!!")  We like that answer!

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