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Friday, February 15, 2013

One month old

WOW!  It is amazing how something so small can take so much of ones time and energy.  I have tried or attempted MANY times to sit and write on this blog but alas I have either been preoccupied with New baby, (Caleb) or other children or trying to catch up on much needed-yet-rarely-gotten sleep.

So here we go.  As I sit and write, I want to officially introduce our new addition and blessing in so many ways; Caleb Joe Snyder.  Born January 17, 2013 at 8:05 am, weighing 8 lb 5 oz, and 18" long.  People always comment of "how tiny" he is; and yet he is bigger at his birth than both Josh and Shelby put together.  More surprising to me is that I knew he would be.

It is amazing how fast he is growing--as though I have forgotten how quickly they change.  This pregnancy was the easiest of my 3, and by far also the easiest delivery and recovery.  Yes I am still sore and healing, but I was up and around much sooner this time around than with the other 2.

As of yesterday, Caleb is 1 month old and as of his clinic check-up last week he was 20" long and 9 lb but with as fast as he is gaining and stretching even these number may have changed already.  He does not lack in the eating department--he is very much a Snyder when it comes to eating.  I am having to teach myself NOT to use the phrase, "Just like your brother."  Mainly because Josh does not like it, but I can see issues later in life, so I am trying.

Jody and I are slowing acclimating to sleepless or interrupted nights.  We are in awe of how 5 years can change the way the body reacts to things.  We are not spring chickens anymore, but God is good.  We both find it hard to believe that we are parents of 3 now.  Caleb will have a hard time learning his name as I keep calling him "Josh" or "Shelby".

The kids love their lil brother but can tend toward being too helpful when it comes to cares for Caleb.  At the same time, hey both have matured some in helping around the house.  It is amazing to watch them initiate in various household chores without being asked, and doing quite well to boot.

Now, we start the task of finding the "new normal."  After 3 weeks of no school, we started school again Last week.  Kinda a rough start--still working on it.  Schedule??  What is that?  Schedule is a work in progress.  More thankful we are homeschooling, in many ways it makes it SO much easier.

Well, I better close so I can post before little-bit (Caleb) wakes and I don't see my computer for another month.

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