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Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Flies

March 1st already!?  How time flies! Hard to believe all that has happened. Adjusting to a new addition has been exhausting and joyous all at the same time.  Sleep deprived sums things up very well.  Most of the time I am on autopilot.  I can need something or want to say something, turn to go do "whatever" and instantly forget what it was I was going to do.

I figured before it is summer and while I have a brief moment (as Caleb begins to squeak) I would update before I totally forget.  The last month in a nutshell:  (OOOH honey, pass the peanuts!)

School:  We have finished Our lessons on Orderliness; not that you could walk in our home and see it. (I am doing good if I can get the laundry done.  Bonus if it get folded.  Major feats, if it actually get put away before a week has past.)

We just started the unit that will finish our school year out.  We are studying Honor.  An overlap of these two units brings us to butterflies. We have spent the last week watching caterpillars eat and crawl to the top of their container and turn into chrysalises.   Next week we will watch 5 Painted Ladys emerge.  We are hoping it is warm enough to let them go or we will have LOTS of caterpillars to feed.  We have learned that a butterfly can lay up to 1000 eggs!  1000 eggs, times 3 or 4 caterpillars---we don't know how many females. Anyone have any Hollyhock flowers?  That's what the caterpillars like to eat.

Also March 2nd starts the 2013 Iditarod.  The kids are excited to watch their mushers this years.  (I think mommy's musher will win.)  :)

Baby Caleb:  He is now 6 weeks old and has gained 2 pounds  and 2 inches since his birth.  Eating is not a problem.  However sleeping, that is a challenge.  The last few weeks have been harder as he gets fussy.  He does not like to sleep at night.  Oh wait did I say we were sleep deprived??  

Well that is the major stuff happening. At least what I can remember at this time.  Better get this posted as Caleb is starting to squeak more.     

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