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Friday, March 25, 2011

Precious Moments

We are blessed to have to children that most of the time enjoy playing and being silly together.  Sometimes their arguing and fighting out shadows this fact.  This morning I wished I had a camera to capture something rare for them. 

Shelby had crawled into bed with me after daddy went to work.  A short while later in came Josh.  Trying to keep quiet he was getting settled but managed still to wake Shelby.  As she was scooting over to make room for him, she tried to reach for him.  He thought she wanted his stuffed bear and so a  minor scuffle ensued.  However quickly it stopped as he realized it was his hand she wanted.  She wanted to hold his hand and cuddle.  So as they settled down for some quiet time with mom, holding hands, Josh whispers to Shelby, "I love you." Then she responds, "I love you too."  And I enjoyed this picture and a few more moments of quiet before we a ll got up to start our day.  We are blessed.

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