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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Josh's Big Surgery part 3 of 3

September 11, 2011
Sunday at 10:30pm
It has been challenging to get Josh situated and keep him comfortable.  He is often bored or just not comfortable.  Although he started sleeping in his room, last night he moved to the living room to sleep in daddy’s chair.  He goes from his wheelchair to the big chair to his bed; depending on his mood. 

In all he is doing well very in handling the pain and discomfort.

September 15, 2011

Josh continues to improve; a blessing to be sure.  He has done much better now that he is home.  He has had a few moments when he starts crying because he is DONE with the whole thing.  HE wants the casts off or they are uncomfortable.  We talk thru it with him and pray with him and he moves on.  He really missed his sister not being around.  He even said, “I miss Shelby.  It is boring when she is not here.”  And she told grandma on Monday that she thought it was time to go home.  So Tuesday evening she came home.  We were all glad to see her again.  Of course now, they fight and argue all the time—back to normal I guess.

Jody is doing much better with his knee.  He started Physical Therapy this week and it has taken a toll on him.  He does well in PT and feels good after, however when evening comes he is wiped and out for the next day.  We are thankful for his sleep meds to help him get some sleep.  He is hopeful that he can go back to work next month.

With all the Doctors’ visits, Therapy sessions and trying to stay caught up in house work, not to mention the multiple naps Josh takes due to pain meds, school had a few more off days than expected.  More reasons we are glad we opted for Homeschool.  Can’t imagine trying to work “regular” school schedule into the busy, crazy, upside down days we have had. 

People often ask how I am doing and truthfully it depends on the day.  For the most part I am fine.  Tired; sometimes exhausted; found some back muscles I have not used in a while—comes from lifting an extra 50 lbs. several times a day.  Sleep comes but more like a new mother, as I must keep an ear trained on Josh in the event he needs help at night.  As well, Shelby has been fighting the sleep thing the past few nights and therefore I end up going to bed later than I would like.  Again many more reasons to be thankful for homeschool.  The learning will happen, but more slowly this month.

September 18, 2011
Great day today.  We were all in church today.  It has been awhile.  Blessings, still come and healing is close behind.  We give thanks for all the prayers that have come our way and look forward to what will come out of all the challenges of the past few months.

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