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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems amazing how some things can seem so short and yet so long all at the same time.  Today marks the 18th day of school for us.  It has gone by so fast and yet seems like it has been a long time.  It also marks the end of our current unit on ears and listening in our Attentiveness Study.

Today we reviewed all that we have covered.  It is interesting what sticks to memory and what seems vague, especially when they knew it a few weeks ago; greater evidence that if yo do not use it (or talk about it), you loose it.  Oh but the fun they had while discussing everything.  During the last few weeks they have covered Science, history, the Arts and memorized several verses from the Bible.

Here is a picture of our Historical and Present Day wall.  During the course of our studies they meet many characters and put them on the timeline of history, showing them where in history these people lived and how it relates to them.  Yes even they are now on the timeline.

So far we have discussed creation, Adam & Eve, Cain & Able, Samuel, King David, Christ, Mary & Martha, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Alexander Graham Bell, William Booth, Helen Keller and several others.

They have learned about their ears and how they work; they love that there is a drum and hammer inside and can tell why.  We have discussed sound and music, learning about an Orchestra and and the main parts; Brass, Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion.  We have done experiments to see sound waves and making their own phones with string and cups--fun day.  They have read MANY stories and seen movies that talk about parts of hearing and sound.

Their real fun was visiting a music school where they got to play the flute, soprano sax, piano and the violin.  They learned some Latin and how a conductor and musicians know when to play soft or loud and their favorite--fortissimo. This was a very exciting day for them and they especially like trying the violin.  The instructor was impressed at how well the played each instrument especially as it was their first time.  And their enthusiasm was amazing.

We were blessed a few days later when friends gifted the kids with a violin of their own.  To me this was an amazing gift.  Both kids are eager to learn and want to play.  So now I am looking for beginner violin and piano books to teach them and someday will have to find them a teacher.  Good thing we know a good music school close by.  :)   

What an amazing first few weeks.  There is much that I have not mentioned; but many rousing discussions that took place at various times throughout their day.  Next we will discuss our eyes and how they contribute to being attentive....

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  1. Sounds like you are having a starting of a successful year! How exciting!!! How are the surgery patients doing? So good to hear that y'all are doing well in school ;o)